Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Mummers & Doubles Tennis!

It's the first day of Autumn, and Summer decided to make an appearance here in Michigan! No complaints! It's beautiful! Great night playing doubles tennis! My tennis partner, Molly, and I won our match 8-4! The format is just one set, first one to 8 games. Not sure if there is an actual name for such tennis, but there you have it! We're playing in a mixed doubles league, of course, and played against a good friend, Ken, and his partner, Carolyn! The match was much more even than the score would tell. Ken and Carolyn are solid players! Molly, as it often seems, was the most consistent and gifted player of the four! She would disagree, I'm sure, but dat's da truth! Picked up an awesomely groovy CD by The Mummers! If you haven't heard of them, check 'em...if you like "different!" They are from Brighton, England! A cheeky vacationing hot spot in Great Britain where many take a Holiday...NOT a vacation!...but a "Holiday!" Holiday sounds much more appealing, does it not!? I read today that 1/4 of Americans that go on vacation take work with them! What the hell is wrong with you people?!? You're on vacation FROM work! That's the idea! Do you also work on Holidays?!? I highly doubt it! Perhaps if we took a page from our friends in Great Britain and called our vacations, "Holidays," then you would cease t0 be so foolish, and perhaps enjoy your time off from your job! That being said...I am on "Holiday" ALL next week! I am bringing tunes, books, my son, and my dog! NO WORK! ALL PLAY! Auf Wiedersehen!

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