Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blogging my memory!

Working on setting up my new blog! It's a beautiful day in Dilly Dally! I am going to be at
the Berkley Public Library in Berkley, MI. on
September 30th @ 7:00pm to read The King
of Dilly Dally. KDD is my first published book
and was released earlier this year. Check out
the website for KDD! Later!

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  1. Okay, Amber! ; - ) New ink for you on the Parker Post! How do you like that for a cyberspace quick fix!?!? Working on new Dilly Dally Website lately! Coming along s l o w l y ! ! Too many things to do! It is March 1st, 2010! Glad February is over! The King of Dilly Dally turned one year in February! Kyle, the true King of Dilly Dally, turns 20 years old tomorrow! What happens to time!?!?